Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Women are not possessions, asshole

Here's an easy one. Maybe it's confused you in the past. It shouldn't.
There's a girl that works at a joint my buddy and I frequent... we both know her pretty well and have hung out with her outside her work on and off over the last month or two, just casually. 
She's had a bf for as long as we've known her but a while ago my buddy told me he was interested in her and has been kinda working that angle for a month or two (hah?). 
About a week ago she broke up with her bf and she still seems interested in me but I still avoided making a move, now just out of loyalty to my buddy.
Should I just forget about being anything but friends with her until my buddy figures out where he's at?
Or if I should go ahead, should I talk to my buddy or just let him figure it out on his own?
Or maybe there's a grace period?
I'm lost.
No. You owe your buddy nothing. In fact, I find this kind of Guy Code crap insulting to women. She is allowed to fuck whoever she wants to fuck. She gets to make that decision, not you. If she prefers your buddy, you live with it and find yourself someone else. If she prefers you, he lives with and finds himself someone else. You both take your best shot at flirting, but it's her call.

This Guy Code crap was devised by the majority of guys who suck in an effort to protect whatever halfway-worthwhile girls they can for themselves. It's bad enough watching most of the worthwhile girls get taken out of the game by guys that kick ass; they can't handle having to compete with each other for what's left too much.

No guy that wins at life has ever thought for a second about this kind of thing. He knows every girl is fair game. Hell, he knows his own girlfriend (if he has one) is fair game; if he wants to keep her he has to keep on being too awesome for her to risk losing.

Women are not possessions. She is not an XBox that you and your friends call dibs over.

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