Saturday, September 17, 2011

True fact: You can't impress girls if you're lazy

This question made me laugh out loud:
I recently went to a nice club with my friends. I noticed there were a lot of guys surrounding a few girls on the dance floor. I want to hit on these girls and obviously do not have the type of game to get the job done. What is my plan?
Your plan is, get better at life.

All or almost all of the guys surrounding the girls on the dance floor are losers. The girls like the attention but have zero interest in fucking any of them. They are not threats to your chance of success with the girls. I can almost guarantee the girls on the dance floor outnumber the guys they would actually want to go home with. And if I'm wrong about that, then you're a Double-A player trying to play in the majors. It isn't going to happen. Play in Double-A. In this analogy that means clubs where most of the girls are in the 6 range, not the 8 range.

In any case you're a Single-A or Double-A player (a 4-6 on the social status scale) and if you don't want your life to be an endless cycle of frustration you need to spend your time around Single-A or Double-A girls (4-6 attractiveness). If those girls don't satisfy you, there is only one thing you can do: GET BETTER AT LIFE.

This will require you to work.

The writer actually seems ahead of most guys in his place: he's aware enough to know he doesn't have the "game" to even talk to hot girls, much less take one home. ("Game" is a confused term guys tend to use; I prefer the clearer term "win at life", meaning have actual social status that women find attractive.) Sadly, most guys that manage to reach this point stop there, unable to take the next logical step, which is setting aside the pursuit of hot girls and improving yourself. Most guys don't do this because it requires a shitload of HARD FUCKING WORK.

Turns out most people would rather sit around feeling sorry for themselves than do a shitload of hard work.

Dear writer (and reader): You lack confidence. And there's nothing wrong with that, since there is no reason why you should have confidence. You are average at best. Your life is uninteresting. You either have an uninteresting job, a low paying job or (worst of all) no job. (I took this quote from a prominent poker forum, so it probably comes from a professional online poker player, a strange breed that has plenty of money but no social skills.) You spend most of your free time in front of your computer or TV, instead of out doing interesting things. Then you go to a club and realize you have nothing worthwhile to say to a woman, and even if you did you wouldn't know how to say it, and even if you knew how you wouldn't be able to because you're nervous.

There is only one way out of this cycle.

Now, those retarded and/or fraudulent PUA (Pick-Up Artist) sites want you to believe you can get good at bagging women without getting good at life, by using a magician's bag full of tricks to pretend to have high social status and trick women. Women will not be fooled.

There is only one way out of your cycle of failure. You actually have to gain real honest-to-god social status. And that is hard.

First and foremost, you have to get more money. You have to get an occupation that's, at minumum, two out of three of interesting, powerful, and high-paying (but preferably all three). Sorry, but there's no avoiding this. Especially to women, your job (I am including owning your own business as a "job" for these purposes) is who you are. It's either the first or second question every woman that starts off with even the slightest interest will ask you. You have to work out a lot and make your body attractive. And you have to be good at conversation. You have to carry yourself like a winner.

Most likely none of these things is true of you right now. It will take years of daily attention, never letting up for a single day, to fix them.

So the question is, are you ready to work for years to make yourself good at life? Or would you rather sit in front of your computer and feel sorry for yourself, and settle for sitting at a table at a club pretending it's cruel fate that's made you unable to connect with attractive women?

News flash, kiddo: If you want to get an attractive woman's attention, you have to be an attractive man.

Sucks, don't it? Fucking hard work. 

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