Friday, September 16, 2011

Get off your ass!

Today's topic: Where can I meet girls and how do I not come across as totally awkward to them?
Alright guys. I just moved to a new city in the US and know absolutely no one here. I miss college where it was so easy to meet people and get with girls. I'm a year out of college, 23. I make good money and am successful in my career, but my social skills need some work. How should I approach this? Should I just go to bars or do online dating? Any tips? I feel completely inept at this facet of life. Please help.
Glad you asked! The answer is: Your life is boring. Get the hell off the computer and start doing interesting things. Join a gym, join a sports team or a soup kitchen or some damn thing, anything is better than sitting around on the computer and watching TV and playing video games.

If you want to have a social life, BE SOCIAL. Do social things. If that's not immediately an option, do something new or stimulating. Run, bike, hike, head out by yourself or with a male friend or two to a new restaurant you haven't sampled. Anything but sit around at home. Guys who aren't used to being social ask the kind of questions in the quote above all the time, and I guess they don't understand being social at a conceptual level. GET OFF YOUR ASS.

The fact this guy is even pondering online dating as an option shows he spends way too much time on his ass.

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