Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finally, someone we can feel hopeful about!

I've been reading this blog lately, having found a link to it on a forum. I'll post a few thoughts and comments here that spring to mind while I read through it, but it is quite fascinating. To wit: this guy got locked down in a way-too-serious relationship at 18, she finally ditched him for an upgrade when he was 24. He sucks at life.... but he KNOWS he sucks at life. Which puts him way, way ahead of most guys in similar situations.

Today's comment is based on this:
I'm in disgust at all the women at the club. These aren't Lynn. I don't want to have to be forced to interact with these people. I want my girlfriend. I wonder what she is doing now and I find myself visualizing her at this very moment begging her new boyfriend to hit up the dance floor with her.
I'm only on like the third post but this theme has already come up several times, that he tortures himself repeatedly thinking about--and here I am being more blunt than he is able to--his girlfriend fucking some other guy. Apparently he's aware she dumped him in favor of someone else. That or he's sharp enough to figure it out on his own. (A girl never dumps a boyfriend until another, more interesting guy is in her field of view.)

What has to happen--and in a mentally healthy guy this should take about three to four weeks--is his mind has to accept the fact she's fucking some other guy and she will never fuck me again. Then you can proceed to the startlingly pleasant realization that you're SINGLE. Score!

A buddy of this guy's dragged him out to a club a couple days after the breakup, which predictably resulted in him finding a corner to stand around and mope in until it was time to leave. But there is this gem:
He tells me again to "keep busy" and "no matter what I do, to not call her". I thank him and he leaves. 
Those are the words of a wise man. I hope this guy was smart enough to take this and any other advice this guy offers.

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