Sunday, September 18, 2011

College is a never-ending sex party. Live it up!

Another forum poster writes:
Alright, so here's my problem.
Dated a girl for two years, from senior year of HS through freshman year of college. We realized being that far apart makes it impossible to have a relationship, so we decided to break up for this year. We still talked about once a week, hung out regularly over winter break, she came up for a visit, whatever. However, I knew we were broken up and looked at the relationship as such. However, about a week and a half ago ago we had the actual discussion that we would be together over the summer. We started talking every couple days, I started getting excited to spend the summer with her, and effectively lowered my guard.
About three days ago though I find out she's just started hanging out with this kid on a regular basis, and could see it possibly going someplace once they get back to school. While no official dates per se, they're definitely in that pre-dating stage. Nothing has gone on that I would be upset about, but I asked her if he asked her on a date for the next night or something if she would say yes, and she said she probably would.
So basically I'm asking, don't I have a right to be upset about this?
No. You do not. Getting upset about this is unhealthy. It means you're obsessing over a girl you know full well is gone and ain't coming back. She was your high school girlfriend. High school relationships end when high school ends.

College is awesome, man! There are girls that want to fuck everywhere. Even if you're only a 3 or 4 guy, there are plenty of 3 or 4 girls out there just waiting for a chance to jump into your bed, if you're going to a college of any size at all. It makes me sad every time I see a 19-20 year old wasting the best sexual years of his life pining away for his high school girlfriend. It is exactly where the path to loserdom begins.

She is fucking other guys. She is at college. Get yourself used to the idea, and then let a nice big grin spread across your face as you move on to the next idea: some other schmuck's high school girlfriend is more than willing to fuck you, if you'll just quit obsessing and be cool.

The summer fuck-buddies thing is awesome, you should go right ahead and do that IF you can leave it at that when you go back to college. There is no downside here as long as you chill out and don't get paranoid-obsessive.

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