Sunday, September 18, 2011

Something important about some girls in clubs

There are a certain number of girls in every club that are there for the specific purpose of rejecting men for entertainment. If you go to clubs much you'll learn to identify them quickly and avoid them.

On a similar subject I came across this, written by a woman:
I do not really like clubs anymore because they are filled with annoying drunk men. Men are extremely annoying when they are both drunk and horny.
This part is true and you should bear it in mind if you're going to try to pick up in clubs.
I prefer hanging out with friends to have a good time, and she may have just wanted to have a good time with her friend and not be bothered.
This part is not just false, it's dishonest. If a group of girls wants to hang out and not be bothered, they'll go to a restaurant or something. If they're in a club it's because they want to {ogle,flirt with,laugh at,reject} men. A woman that hangs out in a club and claims she doesn't want to talk to men is lying. It's just that she doesn't want to talk to YOU or any of the rest of the 90 percent of guys in the club that are beneath her.

And a reminder: "I have a boyfriend" is femalespeak for "I'm not interested in you so go away".

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