Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How do i talked to weminz?

So@24 writes:
A group of friends across from our group of friends are lathering up. And one of the girls is pretty damn cute. Pulling my shades up, I scan the pool area and there is no obvious sign of a boyfriend.
And I think to myself... what could I possibly do in this situation? What is the next logical step to show this girl I have any interest? I turn to Veronica and share my interest in the petite asian in the white sun dress."Go talk to her."
"Like what? What should I say? Tell me some words in the English language that I could string together and not sound like a complete moron? What if a random guy came up to you right this minute and was interested in getting to know you more? What could he say to you right now that would be acceptable?"
"... damn. Good point."
So, like any other normal guy, I just admired from a far. But I think I bring up a good question, what is the next move? We're not at a bar, so I can't even order a couple shots to inject myself with some confidence? Do people ask for numbers anymore? Even if I did "get her number", I wouldn't even know what to say when I finally got the balls to call. It's in the middle of afternoon and she's out with her friends. Most girls, I'm assuming, wouldn't even want to be bothered by some creepy poolside dude.
I'm glad he brought this up because people ask me this kind of question from time to time as well. That was a damn fine response he gave Veronica and it shows he grasps the fundamental problem: most of the time a girl at a pool does not want to be bothered by random guys trying to pick up.

Well, that's fundamental problem number one, anyway.

What So@24 came close to grasping but couldn't quite grasp is, there's nothing right to say in this situation. What you say makes no difference. What matters is how you say it. Come off awkwardly, and whatever you say will sound awkward and she will be annoyed you, a pissant, bothered her with your awkward flirting attempt. Come off confident and witty, and whatever you say will sound manly and fun, and she'll flirt back.
But the kind of guy good enough to walk right up to her and make her smile has no trouble thinking of what to say. He just walks right up to her and says whatever's in his head at that moment. He knows it's the delivery that makes the difference.

Trying to pick up a girl that's probably out of your league poolside is something losers do. So@24 gets more points for knowing it. It's not really the right place or time. You're at a damn pool. Relax and enjoy yourself, secure in the knowledge that you kick ass. Maybe you'll see her somewhere else sometime soon and she'll remember you.

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