Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today you discover what women really want!

Another quote from the Starting Over At 24 guy:
I'm not proud of my next move, but I had no where else to turn. I checked to see if she had a MySpace. Thank God for the Hollywood Creative Directory, right? Fuck, I'm creepy.
It is entertaining and refreshing that this guy is AWARE he is a creep, I have to say.

This exchange also made me laugh:
Janice: I hate to be alone, so I always want commitment from the guy I'm dating. But I like to be able to keep my options open
So@24: Let me get this straight. You want your boyfriends to be completely loyal to you, but you want the ability to do whatever you want if something else that intrigues you comes around?
Janice: lol! I know! I know! I'm horrible huh?
So@24: Yes actually! You are a horrible person!
Janice: lol!
This is so funny because it is exactly what girls want.. I believe Janice is the fourth woman I have ever heard of that has openly admitted that, yes, what I want is total sexual loyalty from you and the freedom to fuck somebody else if I get a chance. (Hint if you're wondering how to deal with this: you don't have to give her what she wants. But more importantly, the only reliable way to keep your girlfriend from fucking someone else sooner or later is to be a catch.. Be someone she would rue losing, not because you're crazy but because you're awesome. But be warned, out of the four girls that I have ever seen admit what they really want, three of them were batshit crazy.)

And the post about Janice concludes with this:
This afternoon she asked if I wanted to come over because she was feeling sick. And to bring her Ben & Jerry's.
What I like about So@24 (that's what he calls himself, so that's what I'll call him) is his refusal to play the lapdog. This chick clearly identified him as a lapdog she could get to wait on her hand and foot and stroke her ego. And he ain't playing along. Good for him.

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