Friday, September 16, 2011

The problem with good advice is the people who need it most don't want it

Now this gentleman has come to the right place, I daresay.
Question on the path to life improvement number 1:
  Almost exclusively pictures of me that were available on Facebook were with the now ex-girlfriend. All of these pictures were deleted over the various stages of upsetness following the break-up.
  I now have no pictures of me around. I also don't have anyone in the way of friends that I 'party' with right now, and my friends back at 'home' aren't of the picture-taking, or event where pictures are even appropriate, variety.
  Any suggestions for me to somehow get started on this? I want to hit the ground running with social activities and potentially dating sites when I move ~2 hours away in a few weeks.
As  a matter of fact, I have exactly the answer you need. The answer is: get the fuck off Facebook.

I know, I know, you have to have some Facebook presence because telling people "I'm not on Facebook" is like telling them "I don't believe in microwaves, I think they probably give people brain cancer" or "I'm not sure about cars yet so I still travel by horse". (Unless you're Mash. But sadly, you're not.) So get someone (you do know someone, right?) to snap eight pictures, upload them, then get the fuck off Facebook and do something.

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