Friday, September 16, 2011

She won't let me touch her, but she digs me!

This is a followup from the same well-meaning but clueless dude that wrote what I quoted in this post.
The next night she responds to my original message. Briefly apologizes, sends me her number, and we get together that night and spend a few hours getting yogurt and talking about Epicureanism at her place. Right before it ends I beat her a bit too harshly in a game of chess.
  Next day, see her in class. The class is in discussion and I feel they're all missing the point. I finally get to explain myself without being talked over, introduce a better interpretation, and my ideas don't get discussed. Pretty annoyed from that, I get Tanya to go to a trail with me instead of going to another class. We have a blast. Things end well, turns out she's going away this weekend, and I'm excited to see her again soon.
No kiss yet but I think she digs me.
Sure, she digs you. As a friend. Just keep it that way and everything will be cool.

I want you to look in the mirror and ponder something. You're at her place--big win! And at her place you eat yogurt, talk about epicureanism, and play fucking chess. Chess! Ask yourself something for me. You're at the house of a girl you want to have sex with, just you and her, and you're playing fucking chess. How in the hell did that seem like a good plan to you?

One of two things happened here: either (a) the girl steered things toward epicureanism and chess because she's continuing to keep him strictly at Friend Level; or (b) the guy steered things toward chess because he's trying hard to be her friend and seem unthreatening.

Either way, this one's hopeless unless (long shot alert!) she's sizing him up for long-term relationship potential (which I assume he would be great with if it turned out that way).

Anyway, this guy went on to talk about how he got her to skip class to go to a trail (walking, I guess?) with him and that's exciting and he thinks he's in for sure. He concludes with--I am not making this up--"No kiss yet but I think she digs me."

No, really. He was at her place for an evening and they went walking together and know each other pretty well at this point, but no kiss has happened. But I'm sure she wants him, really!

I can't help but conclude his unwillingness to be honest with himself or anyone else about his desire for sex is sabotaging him. Don't fall under the spell of unclear thought and unwillingness to be honest about what you want.

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