Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fixating on a girl and refusing to leave her alone is what losers do.

Here's some stuff from yet another guy unwilling to face the fact she doesn't want him:
So I was in a club queue with mates and we are talking to two girls also in the queue. We see the girls later on at the bar, we all sit at a table together and im successfully chatting up this hot girl (she even buys me a drink). We then go to the dance together where we dance and i kiss close and number close her.
i send her a text and she replies 2 days later, apologizing for late reply saying she was busy etc.
Any guy healthy in the head (sadly, there aren't that many of us anymore) knows that this should be the end of the post. When a girl gives you her number and then doesn't respond to your call/text within a few hours, it means she does not want to see you again. (In the less than 1% of the time this isn't true, she will make it very obvious and will invite you out. Always.)

But like most losers this guy can't admit to himself she's not into him, so this post goes on for quite some time.
anyways we send a few texts to each other and i ask if she wanna meet for a drink and she agrees. So i say i will ring her tomorrow to arrange something. When i call she doesn't pickup and i don't leave a message. She then texts me apologizing she missed my call etc.
So he tries the same thing again and gets the same result. (Einstein's definition of insanity reference here.) It is now doubly clear she does not want to see him again. Only fixation and obsession would lead a guy to ignore the obvious reality and keep trying. Wouldn't you know...
So anyways a few days pass and i text her asking when she wanna meet up, she replies 3 days later!!! and doesn't answer my question.
A THIRD TIME he tries, and a THIRD TIME he gets exactly the same result.
I'm really confused by the phone games she is playing?
No. You're not. You refuse to admit she isn't interested in you and wants you to leave her alone, which you know perfectly well is the truth.
if she ain't interested in me she could just not reply to me as I'm never gonna see her again.
That's not how girls operate, because usually they're nice and try to be polite. You should not punish her for trying to be as polite and gentle with you as possible. You should have recognized the signals the first time around and left her alone.

I know I harp on this every day, guys, but don't expect me to stop anytime soon. It is very likely this girl was turned off by this guy because she could sense his desperation right away. STOP BEING DESPERATE. STOP FIXATING ON ONE GIRL. You're getting it backwards and making your life hurt.

Be awesome. If you're not awesome, put in the goddamn work to GET awesome. Then let the girls come to you.

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